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Occupational Therapy Field Practice 401 Student Feedback Survey

DISCLAIMER: The below information is collected for University use only, with the aim to continuously improve and maintain quality placement experiences for future students. This information is not directly fed back to Agencies.

Student Detail:
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What year did you undertake your Field Practice 401 placement?:
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Placement Agency Name:
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Please rate the following statements:
This placement provided me with the opportunity to develop my skills as an Occupational Therapy student
This placement provided me with an opportunity to consolidate my understanding about the role of OT
This placement provided me with an opportunity to gain further knowledge about the role of other team members
In this placement, I felt that I was a welcomed and valued member of the team
I received appropriate workplace orientation at the start of the placement.
There were clear goals and objectives for me to achieve while on the placement.
Expectations throughout the placement were clear and reasonable.
I felt I was in a safe learning environment.
There was an appropriate level of support and guidance provided to me while I was on this placement.
The supervisory staff in the work place were clearly aware of the requirements for the placement.
My supervisor(s) has been approachable.
My supervisor provided me with constructive feedback.
People on placement offered to help me when they sensed I needed it.
This placement provided me with an opportunity to work independently.
This placement provided me with an opportunity to develop clinical reasoning skills.
This placement provided me with an opportunity to develop time management skills.
This placement assisted me to increase my confidence in my ability to be able to work as an Occupational Therapist upon graduation.
This placement provided me with an opportunity to work with an appropriate level of responsibility.
I was encouraged to evaluate my performance and develop strategies for improvement.
My level of workload was appropriate.
This placement fulfilled my hopes for this learning experience/placement.
I would recommend this type of placement to other students.
I felt supported by the University during the placement.
I found content learnt at University relevant to the placement.
The SPEF-R was used to provide ongoing feedback on my performance across the placement.
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Please indicate which of the following supervision structures you experienced on this placement by ticking the appropriate box:
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What worked well for you?
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What did not work well for you?
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What advice would you give to a student who are about to undertake a placement at this agency?

E.g. Comment on Experiences/Information or Resourses that you think might be helpful.

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Are you interested in returning to the University in the future, to speak to students about your past placement experiences?
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